“The first few times I walked into a translation booth felt like being at a TV news desk or in a cockpit: a tight space full of buttons, a windscreen in front of me and a pair of interpreters, like a pilot and co-pilot – and a lot of excitement.

I studied psychology at Universidad Ramón Lull, in Barcelona, and Spanish at the University of São Paulo. My training as an interpreter was on-the- go: in 2002, I was invited to provide simultaneous translation for a number of courses organized by the IMF in Brazil. During these week-long events I learned interpreting techniques, problem-solving strategies in the booth and lots of economics and finance terminology. The most incredible side of my job, besides constantly learning new information, is the chance to become people other than myself through the speeches I translate.

I've had the opportunity to translate prominent figures such as Spanish Prime Minister José Maria Azner, chefs Ferran Adrià and Alex Atala, and philosopher Mario Sérgio Cortella. Every day brings a new challenge.