Robert Greathouse

“I was brought up in a bilingual household – my father is American and my mother is Brazilian. As a kid, my parents were coordinators for several social projects. Whenever they received a foreign volunteer, I was brought in to help with communication. I majored in Biology and always translated scientific and medical papers.

It didn’t take long until I got into simultaneous translation. In 2011, I graduated from PUC/SP’s Interpretation program and I’ve been working at conferences ever since. I’ve had the opportunity to translate figures such as entrepreneur Abilio Diniz, scientist Mayana Zatz, conductor João Carlos Martins and musical artist Sting. I love being in contact with different cultures and that, along with my interest in virtually every topic, can be very helpful in the translation booth. I am aware of linguistic nuances and the various ways of expressing oneself, and I’m resourceful in adapting to the unforeseen circumstances inherent to interpreting.”