21 Ago, 2013

Como traduzir “por cima da carne seca?”

21 Ago, 2013

Na hora do aperto, when push comes to shove, como traduzir "ela está por cima da carne seca"?

High on the hog.

Vejam a explicação  da "cool think": To eat high on the hog originally meant to eat the cuts taken from the loin and leg—ham, chops and loin—that were generally considered to be the best cuts of pork. The phrase has come to denote eating well in a more general sense. One can be said to be living high on the hog during prosperous good times, but the phrase is also used to describe someone living extravagantly or beyond one's means.

Quem quiser um desenho do porquinho com as partes mais nobres encontra no site deles:





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